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Our Products

Being exclusively used by us and our partners, our products perfectly match our exact business needs. We don't need to compromise to meet the average needs of thousands of clients. Instead, we concentrate on giving us and our partners a unique business advantage.

Campaign Manager (CM)

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The Campaign Manager is our exclusive tool to publish, manage, track and optimize any type of campaign, with any type of ad. Its super-powerful engine can run hundreds of thousands of funnels simultaneously, while keeping an eye on each metric to make sure it is within the benchmark.

Main Features:


  • Full integration with other publishing platforms

  • Full integration with our Lead Management System

  • Multi-platform support

  • Supports all types of ads, including rich media and video ads

  • Real-Time performance tracking and analysis

  • Real-time alert system.

Lead Manager (LM)

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The Lead Manager is our state-of-the-art CRM. It is a revolutionary one, being one of the first to allow real-time optimization, in perfect sync with our Campaign Manager. The Lead Manager (LM), enables us to optimize the leads flow, type and mix per sales-person. It can also be easily localized for any language.

Main Features:


  • Full integration with supporting systems like diallers, SMS, email and push notification platforms

  • Includes a ground-breaking in automation tools, to perfectly control lead flows

  • Supports multi-office locations 

  • Real-Time performance tracking and analysis

  • Real-time alert system

Data Manager (DM)

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The Data Manager is the super-brain behind our tools and services. It combines fast, reliable tracking technology, data mining, business analysis strategies and super-accurate reports.These tools enable us to focus on any element in our ecosystem, analyse it, A/B test it, optimize it.

Main Features:

  • Media performance on every level: Publisher, Campaign, Placement, Funnel

  • Salesperson performance on every level: Desk, Group, Single salesperson

  • Creative performance, user behaviour

  • Business aspects: Costs, pricing and bidding

  • Real-time monitoring and alerts of any high business value aspect











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