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Internovus is not a marketing firm, not an agency. We partner with our clients on a mutual success basis, to create a powerful team that can change a market.

Customer Acquisition


Internovus is the first company to present a real, A-Z solution based on customer's

real-value optimization. Our full suite includes all our products and services

eco-system, completely managed and operated by our experts.


Campaign Management System (CM)

Our Campaign Manager is a top-notch system that enables us to create, manage and optimize all types of campaigns. It integrates to any publisher network and to any platform or device.The Campaign Manager, developed by Internovus, has the ultimate flexibility to grow with our clients.

Lead Management (LM)

For clients who work with call centres and sales desks and retention, we developed a revolutionary LM system, with built-in optimization features. The Lead Manager (LM), synced with the campaign manager, phone dialers and other supporting systems, enables us to optimize the leads flow, type and mix per a single salesperson. The Lead Management System can be easily localized to any language.


36 Hope Street, Douglas, IM1 1AR, Isle of Man

Data Management System (DM)

A self-developed set of analysis tools, specially designed to optimize our eco-system to its full power. Our analysis tools are a unique mixture of proven business analysis strategies, high-end tracking technology, real-time monitoring and data mining. This is the brain behind everything we do.

Creative Optimization

Sometimes, creative is the secret that can boost your business performance. With our creative optimization tools and strategies, we can find the exact combination of marketing message, copywriting and design that produces the best results.

Smart Media Buying

Internovus is one of the largest independent media-buying companies in the world. Powered by our optimization tools, we can focus on the most effective media sources and pin-point exactly the media we need - from huge global networks to local publishers - anywhere on the globe.

Lead Generation

Our lead-generation solution is designed for customers who want to focus on sales and retention, and leave the lead-generation to experts. Whether your sales process is fully online or with salespeople - we can make it better.

Bottom line: You get top-quality leads at the best possible price, while we handle everything, from creative to media buying to integration.

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Better Leads, Optimized Price

Leads price is important, but quality is even more. As we optimize for quality, we have the tools and strategy to allocate and attract top-quality leads for you. Our power as a leading media buying company allows us to get better media prices, and make these quality leads attractively priced.

Full Range of Marketing Channels

Specialized in over 38 countries, our media experts will test and optimize the best media channels for your specific business: Display ads, Video, Mobile ads, Content marketing, Social advertising, SEO, email marketing and much more. Our teams will create the ads, run the campaigns,  buy media and optimize based on real performance.

Focus on Your Sales

Internovus provides you with a full, no-hassle service for lead generation. Our service includes top industry marketing experts, media planning and buying, campaign management, creative content and design, analysis, lead management system and full support. All you need to do is concentrate on sales - so you can really make a difference.

Learn more about Lead-Generation activity in:

Tailored Made Solution


We are constantly evaluating companies who have the passion and the potential to become market leaders.

Together with such partners we create a tailored-made solution, designed to sync and focus all efforts to one mutual goal. 

To learn more about these possibilities, contact us here.

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36 Hope Street, Douglas, IM1 1AR, Isle of Man

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